Blue Light Junction​​​​​​​

The papyrus shoji screen doors seen throughout our guesthouse are a recurring theme. One set seen in Essence is made even more unique with sheets of papyrus that were hand dyed with indigo by Color Lab and a natural indigo farm, Blue Light Junction, in Baltimore, MD. Led by Kenya Miles, the ability to source natural indigo dyes and learn natural dyeing processes is a gift to our community.

Brick + Board

The unparalleled beauty of Maryland Douglas Fir covers every floor inside our guesthouse courtesy of Brick + Board. Their team and ours aligned on continuing the story of where we live by bringing in local, reclaimed wood to give a second life and imbue a sense of history underneath every step taken. On top of all the benefits of working sustainably, we can also share Baltimore's rich history through design decisions.

Currency Studio

Baltimore-based creative studio Currency Studio collaborated on the styling of Dear Summer—a call-back to youthful creative energy and the sense of limitless possibilities; their work is thought-provoking, inspiring, and inviting to creatives of all stripes and sharing with our guests a rotating collection of their apparel for sale inside the room alongside curated objects.

Hilton Carter & green neighbor

Our plant shop, green neighbor, and its plant stylist, Hilton Carter, are responsible for the thriving and considered plants artfully displayed throughout our guesthouse. Creating spaces with layers of life is what the green neighbor team does best, and you'll be inspired by the plant selection and styling no matter what room you choose.


The skilled concrete work of Mark Melonas of LukeWorks is present in every room of our guesthouse. An extended counter sink in on our apothecary wall in the guesthouse lobby greets you, and your company is kept in each bathroom by a beautifully hand-laid sink (Mark calls the "zinks") no matter what room you are in. Our downstairs washroom is home to a show-stopping sink that recreates the image of Indian step-wells—a call back to the owner, and designer, Shawn Chopra's heritage.

Odette Press

Odette Press' Kelly Laughlin designed a custom Suminagashi motif that graces the stationery inside our guesthouse. From notepads to postcards that greet your stay, an artisanal tradition from Japan invites you to slow down, take a breath, and your time, while enjoying the present moment.

Sarah Hrovoski

Throughout every space in our guesthouse, notice the hand-sculpted wooden door pulls made by Baltimore native Sarah Hrovoski. Each form is unique and designed to act physically and symbolically as markers of liminal spaces. The finish is inviting to the touch and creates an experience out of the act of opening and closing a door.

Wishbone Reserve

Our very literal neighbors, Wishbone Reserve, make their home only a few doors away from us. They offer a unique point of view that we love and carry vintage treasures for discerning eyes. We couldn't resist bringing the vintage Russell Woodard patio chairs, as seen on the private deck of Essence, to the guesthouse for your to enjoy.

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