• A Table for Two: Our Valentine's Day Dinner Series

    This Valentine's Day, celebrate the one you love, food, and curated surroundings with an intimate 3-course dining experience at good neighbor with our friends from Loving Spoon Collective.

  • a license to kiln

    Some of the best ceramics you can find anywhere right now are in our backyard of Baltimore. We’ve curated an online-exclusive collection of our shop-favorites featuring the work of Kiran Joan, Semaphore Clay, Golden Object, Cay Ceramics, and Personal Best. These beautiful objects will become the definitive go-to pieces in your home—when someone asks where you got it from (and they will ask), tell them, “Baltimore.”

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  • wrap yourself in warmth

    Make the most of simple actions that are a must on cold nights—wrapping up in a cozy blanket. The rich colors and exhilarating patterns from our curated selection offset winter’s deep chill and bring you some vibrancy until spring.

  • shop our shop

    Our Baltimore shop is a favorite spot for those looking to recharge to collaborate, enjoy a warm beverage, and sit in a nice seat—recreate that experience wherever you need the irreplicable look that an immaculately designed piece of furniture can add.

  • resolve to stay inspired

    This time of year is especially potent for identifying what you want for yourself this year and making it happen. We’re here for the small day-to-day wins and have beautiful and unique ways to stay inspired for whatever you resolve to do.

  • ready to play

    We invited our newest neighbor, Bang & Olufsen, to join your next gathering to add soul-stirring sound.

  • a well read neighbor

    Books and publications for every kind of reader

good neighbor mixtapes

  • volume 08

    An eclectic mix to help keep you cozy until the season changes.

  • volume 07

    An eclectic holiday mix curated as a reminder that the holiday season is meant to be fun

  • special mix—Baltimore 101

    Curated by Baltimore musician and multidisciplnary artist, Abdu Ali

  • volume 06

    A soothing mix curated for inspiration during times of transition


a day with our neighbor web series
Whitney Simpkins, Personal Best Ceramics

"being a good neighbor, it's just taking care of people and wanting to be taken care of."

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  • new flavors to inspire

    You will love what we're making for you this fall in our Baltimore shop—from an all-new autumnal espresso drink to new toasts and a fresh take on a classic sandwich. 

  • the alfresco edit

    We're leaning into the season of shorter days by spending longer nights with our loved ones.

  • from the heart—good poetry

    good poetry is our monthly poetry series with APoetNamedNate that serves as a vehicle to highlight Baltimore's renowned community of poets.