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BOOOOOM! by Anthony Grant

BOOOOOM! is a collage installation created by Anthony Grant that is on display at good neighbor in Baltimore, Maryland. The piece contains references to Baltimore's past and present, iconography typically found in advertising, and figurative Black imagery. The artist invites the viewer to either decode the messages or just simply take in the image.

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a day with our neighbor | Whitney Simpkins, Personal Best Ceramics

We were excited to catch up with Whitney Simpkins of Personal Best Ceramics to talk about her creative path and what makes a good neighbor. ed note: this interview was lighted edited for clarity. good neighbor: Good morning Whitney, if you would be so kind, please introduce yourself. Whitney Simpkins: I'm Whitney Simpkins. I run personal best Ceramics and I've been living in Baltimore for a long time but I'm from Florida originally. gn: Can you tell us a bit about why you’re drawn to creating? WS: I feel like I always had a desire to make something out of nothing and ceramics is the ultimate way to make something out of nothing. It is actual clay that you're turning...

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