good neighbor Design Studio

The good neighbor design experience is one of inspired creativity and thoughtfulness. Through our Design Garage we offer plan, build, design, and renovation services that work to reflect the deep human experiences of one’s space while also delighting in them. From each chair down to the last door handle, every detail is considered and every decision made is one that cultivates an awareness of the wider world to meet you where you are.

our design capabilities

  • space planning

    Cohesive furniture, fixtures, and equipment selection

  • design + build

    Custom doors, furniture, fencing, and millwork

  • interior design

    Creating spaces that reflect those who occupy them

a space that is unapolagetically yours

Our style is driven by a desire to unify a global perspective of unique design communities worldwide. With an eye always on comfort, functionality, and usability, we combine heritage and the use of locally sourced materials to create a wholly unique look for each space that is unapologetically yours.

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