guesthouse Material Study | Concrete

A series that explores the materials on display throughout guesthouse

Our guesthouse uses a few consistent materials—like concrete—as a thread to connect every space from the common area to the rooms you sleep in. Upon walking through our front door, you can see our lobby apothecary sink. Handmade in Baltimore by the masterful Mark Melonas of Baltimore, Maryland's LukeWorks, this concrete sink is a place for our guests to fill their in-room carafes with filtered water, a place to explore our Le Labo collection, or to take a casual seat with a cup of your favorite beverage while vinyl plays.

Concrete also makes it home in each room's bathroom vanity. Providing enough space to store your toiletries and make a statement, the materiality of each sink helps to ground the bathrooms, and playing with form through sink basins that create a waterfall effect or invoke an inverted pyramid enhances the calm feeling invoked in the rest of our guesthouse.

Our designer @shawnchopra references concrete through numerous elements at good neighbor, inspired by his parents' childhood in Chandigarh, India, a historic design capital of brutalism and concrete. LukeWorks' artistry connects Baltimore to this past and will continue to inform our old and new neighbors who stay at guesthouse.

Now take a chance to experience the inspiration that comes from staying at our guesthouse.