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thomson paper wall clock

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THOMSON PAPER is a wall clock that combines the fine texture of wood and paper. The clock face is made of paper called Mermaid. The unique texture of the paper is called “Mermaid ripples” named after the ripples of the sea, the home of the mermaid. The distinction in textures of its face (paper), frame (plywood), and hands (ash) underline the contrast of natural materials used.

  • Color: yellow
  • Materials: Plywood, Paper, Glass
  • The edges of the number outlines stamped out are naturally rounded like a tensed water surface and drop soft shadows into the spaces stamped out. The distinct textures of the materials and the cubic effect created by the three-dimensional numbers on the clock face improve the function as an object for telling time.
  • The face of Lemnos Thomson clocks is made with a special die-cutting machine used for manufacturing puzzles. This die-cutting technique can make complicated shapes by stamping out from paper or wood using a mold out of a thin steel blade fixed onto a wooden board.

Diameter: 10.07in / 25.6cm
Height: 1.41in / 3.6cm

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