green neighbor Plant Styling and Maintenance

Now is the perfect time to begin embracing the design of your space through beautiful and thriving plants with our styling and maintenance service.

Our styling team brings a deep knowledge of plants and a well-trained design eye to bring you and your space the beauty of greenery and effortless sophistication—from minimalist chic to avant-garde lushness. A combination that you cannot find anywhere else.

We also take a holistic approach, ensuring that the plants you bring into your space thrive with ongoing maintenance. Whether it's new plants we've introduced or the greenery you already have but find less time to keep up with regularly, our maintenance service takes one thing off your list so you can enjoy the plants in your space.

What we offer

  • For your home

    Plant Styling
    Creating a curated look with new or existing plants, pottery and containers

    Living Walls
    A self watering planted wall that can be created indoors or outdoors

    PLUS we can take on anything from our office services for your home!

  • For your office

    Plant Health Consultation 
    Appropriate locations, types of plants, humidifier, lighting, pest check, repotting, etc 

    Ongoing Plant Care
    Our team can come care for your plants on a regular schedule

    PLUS we can take on anything from our at home services for your office!

  • For your events

    Photo Backdrop Styling
    A striking place for a photo op made from plants

    Plant Rental
    We can bring plants in decorative pots to enhance your space

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