Sarah Acconcia

Director of Events and Programming

Pictured with Toyo Mini Toolbox in red (view similar)

"These toolboxes are such a great size, perfect for taking just a few tools out to whatever you're working on. I am also obsessed with the tiny mini size, which I admit has no practical use except to be adorable."

Sarah's picks

  • Areaware Terracotta Stacking Planters

    "These are beautiful with a smooth terracotta texture and interesting shape. The soft bubble shapes contrasting with plants like a spiky cacti makes styling these so fun."

  • Wight Tea Co.

    "Wight Tea Co blends are served in the cafe and you can buy tea tins at good neighbor too. They are a Baltimore based company and their blends are thoughtful, delicious and feel luxurious. I drink their Tropical Green iced nearly every day."

  • Cacti & Arid collection in green neighbor

    "I love arid plants and we have some gems in green neighbor. My current favorite that we offer is Stapelia Grandiflora in hanging baskets. They are known for having a really interesting flower that has a foul odor to attract pollinators."