Rida Shahbaz

Director of Operations

Pictured with Xian Famous Foods by Jason Wang w/ Jessica K. Chou

"Making biang biang noodles during the winter is such a great way to warm up. Makes for a great date night in as well, I've made them with my partner before & it was a lot of work & a lot of fun. Looking forward to doing it again this year!"


  • Keepwell Vinegar Wildflower Honey

    Subtly sweet & sour, such a great base for a vinaigrette or just as it is over greens. I love giving pantry items as gifts for the holidays as they can be opened immediately or well into the future.

  • Black Boy Smile by D.Watkins

    D actually wrote a lot of this book while sitting at good neighbor & to know that he was able to weave such a candid, honest story, it told me we really do provide a place for inspiration, for creators to create. Such a wonderful read by a wonderful human, please read all of his books.

  • Hibi Geranium 10-Minute Incense

    Geraniums help reduce stress / fatigue / anxiety so these incense matches provide a perfect break from the day. 10 minutes to stretch, clean, sit, create; whatever you need.

  • Ferm Living Denim Pot Holders

    I love soft textures in the kitchen, alongside the innate sharp / hard textures .  These in particular are made from GOTS certified materials, combination cozy & conscientious.