Eliseba Osore

Director of Growth, Operations

Pictured with Areaware Happiness Candles

"Anyone who knows me knows I love a pop of color! Especially in the winter months, having this bright, bold candle sitting on my living room bookshelf brings me so much joy."

Eliseba's picks

  • Wrap Art Tray

    "This is the perfect tray for literally anything- collecting keys at the entryway, stashing jewelry at the end of the day, corralling bottles on the kitchen counter. Truly such a versatile piece!"

  • Yield Incense

    "Lighting incense every morning has become a ritual for me. I've been an incense lover for a long time but the Yield scents are by far my favorite. Not only do they set the vibe for the moment, they keeps the house smelling amazing and feeling cozy all day!"

  • Areaware Confetti Cup

    "This mug is for those mornings when I have a few extra minutes to brew my tea at home and savor it before starting my day. It makes the whole experience much cuter and more fun, not to mention drinking out of a glass mug just makes you feel fancy!"

  • Romare Bearden in the Homeland of His Imagination

    "Ever since I took AP art in high school a million years ago, I've loved to collage. It's one of my favorite free-time creative pursuits and there is nobody better to be inspired by than the collage GOAT, Romare Bearden, my forever favorite. "