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Issue No. 4 begins with artist Mikel Elam’s reflections on his time working and painting with legendary musician Miles Davis. Over the course of conversations about his recent paintings honoring Davis, he shared personal photos documenting their collaboration, which are reproduced along with Elam’s recollections. Next, Adebunmi Gbadebo speaks about how she became an artist and began working with Black hair as an artistic medium. She takes us through her studio, sifting through clay samples and sharing pots-in-process. This is followed by an interview with Brendan Fernandes, an artist working at the intersection of dance and visual art, who speaks with friend and artist Cindy Stockton Moore about performances at The Barnes Foundation, the Whitney Museum, and more. Keeping the spirit of dance, the next interview features choreographer Nichole Canuso, who shares recent public engagement projects in Prague, Czech Republic and Sardinia, Italy. We then explore the work of Meekyoung Shin, who plays with concepts of absence and presence in her sculptures created in soap, including a recent monumental installation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Then we move to Miranda Ribeiro-Vecino’s visit to the Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo, a prison-turned-art center in Montevideo, Uruguay. The issue concludes with coverage of David Shrobe’s exhibition Natural Sovereignty at Monique Meloche Gallery in Chicago.