welcome in | Backdrop paint

Backdrop paint at good neighbor
We've recently welcomed Backdrop and their line of paint in shades that are timeless and right-now all at once. We know you'll find a color perfect for your home. Take some inspiration from some of colors that makes us think of ours.

weekend upstate

Backdrop paint | good neighbor
This crisp shade of green immediately reminds us of our outdoor patio space and the trees our neighbors find themselves sitting under with a book and cup of coffee.

ghost ranch

Backdrop paint | good neighbor shop

A slick terracotta shade that evokes the living arrangements we've made for our favorite houseplants.

ryokan guesthouse

Backdrop paint at good neighbor

The natural tones of our favorite places to sit are all that comes to mind with this rich beige.

off the record

Backdrop paint at good neighbor

Where the magic happens—our concrete coffee counter and retail stand


Backdrop paint at good neighbor

Our favorite textiles and rugs stay under foot in the best way possible
Stop by the shop to see all of Backdrop's currently available colors or schedule a consultation with our in-shop experts.

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