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good neighbor shop | pot calling kettle black - editorial
This time of the year, black is usually the furthest shade of inspiration but consider its utility. The sophistication and depth of the color black communicate an ability to walk and chew gum simultaneously; to appreciate what we have and want for so much more; to root our desires in a more considered world. Grounding an experience with the weight of the color can better tether us into thinking clearly about the moments we find ourselves.
Timeless design and endless inspiration—a perfect park companion for daydreaming about the next great idea.

Use this portable table to create vignettes of prized finds or books of great importance.
This guide is essential reading for another design city to add to your list. The perfect size as a city guide to take with you along the way.

Summer showers in the mid-Atlantic are warm and comforting. No matter where you are, sometimes you need something warm cascading over your shoulders as the sun goes down.

Shape and form as a conversation starter—accent your dining table and illuminate your next big plan that surfaces over a meal with your co-conspirators.

A perennial shop favorite, and for a good reason. Dishwasher safe, elegant, and a simple joy to hold.
This beautiful sculptural object is for when a friend stops by and needs a place to hang their hat before you lend them your ear.

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