neighbors in Copenhagen

The long Northern European days allow one to get lost in inspiration while navigating Copenhagen's mystique.

Each year, the city hosts 3DaysofDesign—an exhibition of global talent from design, lifestyle, furniture, lighting, and interior design. It's a time for us to connect with our global neighbors.

Existing in Copenhagen is akin to a dream-like state. The score is composed of children's laughter as they are led to school, the sing-song ring of bicycle bells layered over their gently clicking spokes and the birdsong from the swifts flying overhead.

Being able to connect with the brands that we love at the shop is also dream-like. From old connections to new ones, every conversation held is with the idea of bringing the elements of design that we genuinely love back home.

Around every turn were hyper-creative experiences to showcase products' beauty, industrial design, and stories, like FRAMA's apothecary.

We were welcomed in, given a nice chair to sit on, good food to eat, and great stories to share.



Els Van Hoorebeeck & Matti Andersson of &Tradition
Megan Hipsley
Justin Timothy Temple

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