resolve to stay inspired

We love to see people making intentional choices. This time of year is especially potent for identifying what you want for yourself this year and making it happen. We’re here for the small day-to-day wins and have beautiful and unique ways to stay inspired for whatever you resolve to do. 

New year's resolution—drink more water

drink more water

with Stelton Design Cool-it Carafe

You already know the benefit of staying hydrated; we’re just here to get you excited about your water intake. The beautiful form of the Stelton carafe is a joy to behold on any tabletop.

New year's resolution—cook at home more

cook at home more

with Madhur Jaffrey's "Instantly Indian Cookbook"

Eaters of all kinds will make new memories with the help of this cookbook. There are both classic dishes and new takes on familiar favorites to explore and all via the Instant Pot to keep your goals attainable.

New year's resolution—journal more

keep a journal

with Odette Press' Medium Map Journals

The marble covers of Baltimore’s Odette Press journals remind you to slow down. The Suminagashi (paper marbling) technique is about the present moment; each time you open it, you have a chance to take a breath and put exactly what needs to be written on the page.

New year's resolution—wake up earlier

wake up earlier

with Braun's Round Alarm Clock

Classic design and go-with-everything colors (we love grey) give you an uncomplicated way to wake up in the morning, and if you have to get up earlier, at least it's nice to look at.

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