nurturing neighbors

We hope to honor fathers in an all-embracing context—those who care and support each of us fully, no matter how they identify. To help inspire your Father's Day gift selection this year, we talked to some of our favorite neighbors about the best parts of nurturing their relationships and the gifts they love.

Father's Day | good neighbor

shawn chopra

currency studio natural wood ruler

"Avi is a blessing. He is sweet, funny, and energetic - he has a heart as big as my wife and always shows affection, brightening every day, no matter how hard it is.

As a father, your inner child comes alive, and there is a lot of playing with different toys, especially items that aren't. Avi and I share the love for our dear friend Michael Haskins of Currency Studio and his beautifully designed ruler. It is functional with my work with the constant need to measure architectural plans, dimensions of products for the website, and countless other applications - but most importantly, it is indestructible and played with dearly by Avi."

Ryan Rhodes | good neighbor Father's Day

dj impulse

harken coffee ashok patre

Being a father has been and continues to be the most incredible journey. It has taught me to be more compassionate, loving, and, most importantly, patient! Watching two little girls grow to be strong, independent, and caring young ladies let us know we're doing our job.

The HuskeeCup is one of my favorite things in the shop. I love that it's eco-friendly and made from coffee husks. Clean lines, great colors, and it's dishwasher safe! Perfect for the house, cafe, or in the car.

hilton carter | good neighbor Father's Day

hilton carter

green neighbor's plant selection

"If you see me smiling, it’s my daughter's face I’m thinking about. If you see me crying, it’s my daughter's face I’m thinking about. Tears of joy. How lucky am I?! I found true love, twice—the first, my beautiful wife. The second my baby girl!"

Father's Day | good neighbor

jeremy landsman

good neighbor natural hoodie & pamela zhang nerikomi mug

"One of my favorite things about being a dad is being able to share a special moment with my family.

We usually get ready together early in the morning. My wife and I always share coffee, and I like to choose the vessels we will use. Taking stock and noticing the moments like watching her face light up when I hand her a favorite cup, like the ones made by Pamela Zhang, are the ones that bring me the most joy."

Justin Timothy Temple | good neighbor Father's Day

justin timothy temple

hasami porcelain small mug in black

"I'm not a parent in the traditional sense. What that means to me is that I can show up for others in ways that I feel genuinely most drawn to—my partner and deep platonic friendships, my yoga community, and my cats, who are, in fact, my children.

I'm a beyond early riser, so coffee is a non-negotiable part of my morning. I love the experience of utilizing Hasami Porcelain mugs—the shape of the mug's body and the feeling of how my hand fits around it or the gentle musical quality of one of my rings making contact when I reach for another sip."

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