2 years of good neighbor | thank you
Reflecting on the past 2 years can feel like a blur with everything that has happened. I'm sure this is true for many of our neighbors. Nothing in life is guaranteed, which is why we are forever grateful to have started good neighbor.

Our team has pushed and worked diligently towards our mission to welcome Baltimore into our home, imagining a space for creativity in service, food, drink, art, architecture, design, music and more. These pursuits are often celebrated in siloed venues and through specific doors usually limited by color, backgrounds and education. Our goal was and is to advance the narrative and create intersections between these worlds.

We have learned that Baltimore's creative community is strong and diverse -- and deserving of representation! We should be on a global stage, while also welcoming creatives and brands from around the world to be in Baltimore. Since we opened a short 24 months ago, we have:

hosted 21 markets with over 120+ vendors
supported 105+ makers, artists, designers, musicians, farmers, food & drink purveyors
raised $20K for local organizations in need
brought 30+ new worldwide brands, publications, makers to Baltimore
created our first public 'design week' with 10+ speakers, workshops, and activities, participated by over 500 neighbors
delighted in 2 public art installations
honored by 4 special weddings
kept going with 100K+ coffees, tea and drinks
nourished ourselves with 40K+ toasts, salads, chaat dishes

It has been beautiful. It has been hard. We have given everything we have, and tried our best not to take this privileged position lightly. We have made mistakes, have heard great feedback, and have pushed forward.

To Baltimore makers, designers, artists and creatives, who we have worked with, thank you for giving your time to your craft without barriers. To our neighbors, thank you for supporting us through everything and giving us grace as we navigated our vision.

Thank you to our good neighbor team for making any of this remotely possible, and to our extended group of close friends and family for taking care of us physically and mentally.
To Anne for believing and always having my back - you have sacrificed time, stability in our life together, moments with our first born Avi and evenings apart - you have worked harder and longer, while providing for us. You are the heart of good neighbor.

Lastly, thank you, Baltimore. Even during a pandemic, countless collaborative encounters and connections between neighbors have been made and we are forever grateful.

Brick by brick,

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