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Everyone jumps into warm autumnal shades of reds, oranges, and ochres, but we love rich shades of blues in hues of cobalt, sapphire, and indigo this Fall. Objects imbued with these tones allow us to find new ways to access the sense of openness and wonder that the color blue brings into our awareness—it is the color of imagination and inspiration, after all.
Truly a shop favorite, this cobalt go-anywhere table is an attention-grabbing piece to place bedside or anywhere that could benefit from a little extra storage.

When you indigo dye anything, it becomes 300% (approximate number) cooler than it would otherwise be. That is true for this Aesmi Yaki cup—which says a lot, considering how cool their Yaki cups already are.

We're sorry in advance, but...

You won't get the *blues* from having to dry the dishes again. These twofold cloths from Ferm Living feel nice when you hold them and take on water exceptionally well.

Reward that effort of searching through the stacks by giving that new to you record a beautiful home to play on.

One of the most innovative designers of our time left us with information in a way that only he could: open source, thoughtful, and beautifully packaged.

Suppose you have your entire furniture situation figured out, 1. in that case, we applaud you, and 2. we think Hem's Alphabeta lighting series complements so many decor styles that adding it to your home is a *bright idea* (sorry again).

If you don't have your entire furniture situation figured out, the thoughtfully designed Hem Palo Modular series fits your life where ever you are. If you've been to our shop, you may have already experienced how incredibly versatile of a seat it offers. If not, visit us soon, and we'll pour you a cup of coffee too.

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