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Iris Hantverk

toilet brush

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In the late 1900s, a small brush manufacturer started out in Stockholm. The products are molded by hand in a small foundry outside of Stockholm. The concrete is cast of a relatively viscous mass that causes the surface to receive a varying smoothness and color variations occur, this contributes to the vibrant impression. It is not so soft that it can be bent, it’s still a stone material but has a pleasant feeling to it - warm, smooth, and comfortable. It was a successful movement so successful that it remains today. Now, as then, every brush is made by hand with an exclusive design and is made mostly from natural materials.


  • Color: birch, concrete
  • Materials: oil-treated birch, polypropen, concrete 
  • Care: Note that you cannot fill the concrete cup with water and cleaning detergent and have the brush standing in it. Use the brush with toilet cleaners, clean the toilet, shake out excessive, and place the brush in the concrete cup. Machine Made

Height: 16.3in / 41.5cm
Diameter: 3.8in / 9.7cm

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