Dashawn Asegbola

Retail Associate

Pictured with the &Tradition Setago Lamp

"I love the mood this lamp brings, such a warm light and great for late night reading"

Dashawn's Picks

  • Slowdown Studio Knit Blanket in Paloma Sage Check

    "I loved Rida's book picks! There's nothing better than reading while curled up in a nice cozy blanket to keep warm."

  • Menu Kettle Teapot

    "A cup of tea while reading is quite nice too!"

  • Hon's Honey

    "Adding a sweet touch to your tea shouldn't be an afterthought. This local honey adds to your brew, not overpowering it.

  • "No Ordinary Love" by Salman Toor

    "Sometimes, as you're settling down for the day, getting lost in beautiful art is needed. My favorite right now is the alluring and mesmerizing artwork of Salman Toor.