good neighbor x Old Westminster Winery x Cohere Collaboration #2 | SETTLING IN

settling in | good neighbor's summer wine

Last year, we welcomed you to NEW NEIGHBORS, a light and bright rosé designed for sharing. For 2022, we, along with our friends at Old Westminster Winery and Cohere, have crafted a perfectly hued orange wine with a vibrant flavor - SETTLING IN.

That amber glow comes from the skin-contact of a delightful batch of Maryland-grown pinot gris grapes, harvested and bottled last year. Skin-contact wines are white wines made like red wines. The fruit ferments with the grape skins, which give the wine its color. Depending on how long the juice ferments with the skins—anywhere from a few hours to many months—skin-contact wines can range in color from marigold to the vibrant amber in each bottle of SETTLING IN.

settling in | good neighbor summer wine

Our goal is for you to feel, with each sip, grounded, settled, closer to nature, and to those around you. 
SETTLING IN is now available in-shop at good neighbor and in Old Westminster Winery's tasting room.

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