from the heart—good poetry

good poetry is our monthly poetry series with APoetNamedNate that serves as a vehicle to highlight Baltimore's renowned community of poets.

Hosted and curated by APoetNamedNate, who, in his own right, is a widely-recognized poet, each good poetry features a different headlining poet like Unique Robinson, YThePoet, and Kenneth Something.

The open mic style format allows attendees also to be a part of the experience and continues the opportunity for people to let their creativity flourish.

Touching on themes of love, self-discovery, affirmation, and not shying away from the shadow of all of these creates a place where one can find themselves in the words spoken and know that their individual lived experience is understood.

good poetry is more than an event; it's a true community, and being surrounded by those who find creativity in everything from food to fashion reminds everyone attending to tap into the innate multi-hyphenate that exists in everyone.

The community events at good neighbor are about building connections between our friends and neighbors and providing the opportunity to inspire one another.

See all of the ways that we a building connection.

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