पडोसी good neighbor 'artist series'

पडोसी good neighbor 'artist series' collection

पडोसी padosee (neighbor in hindi) is this collection of good neighbor's artist pieces that have formed from natural collaboration between good neighbor and the makers, creatives, craftspeople that visit the shop in Baltimore. Each piece is unique in form, handmade using local walnut or white oak, and numbered by sign painter @danahersigns. This pays homage to owner @shawn_chopra hometown of Chandigarh, where the infamous furniture designed by Pierre Jeanerret and Le Corbusier, was numbered for its location in the city. Added are the initials of the maker, the location, and the number in order from the day the first piece was made, on September 1, 2021. This first group of pieces located in our reading area, are done by Alejandro Garcia and Estela Macedo, woodworkers of our outdoor space. Get yours while they last, as we work to bring more ideas to life, over the next few months.

पडोसी good neighbor 'artist series' bench

पडोसी padosee walnut bench

A considered addition to an entryway or creative seating arrangement in a dining room.

पडोसी good neighbor 'artist series' seat

पडोसी padosee walnut seat

A perfect seat for your little ones or additional seating for guests that doubles as a home for decor or plants.

पडोसी good neighbor 'artist series' tray

पडोसी padosee walnut tray

Serving your dearly beloved guests or displaying your personal effects has never looked this good.

पडोसी good neighbor 'artist series' incense holder

पडोसी padosee walnut incense holder

Made to perfectly fit your favorite YIELD incense.

Available now in limited quantities.

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