• ethiopia harbegona by la cabra 250g bag

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ethiopia harbegona by la cabra 250g bag

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This natural lot has been purchased from Moplaco’s partner station, Gamacho, in the Harbegona ‘Woreda’, or district. Harbegona is rather rural, located close to the Harenna forest, where coffee still grows wild underneath natural forest cover. The Gamacho station is owned by Tadesse Yonka, and collects cherries mainly from the village of Hamesho. It was through their work in the local area, especially at their nearby Bensa Logita station, that Moplaco was able to start supporting the production of coffees from stations around their own. Producing coffee in rural Ethiopia requires a great deal of financing, which is difficult to find in these areas. Therefore, larger companies based in Addis Ababa are able to support stations financially, allowing them to start buying cherry early in the harvest season, and guarantee to buy their lots once harvest ends. This process is known as vertical integration, and also requires a great deal of technical and agronomic support in order to assure the quality of the finished lots.

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Process: Natural
  • Tasting Notes: Cherries, stewed fruit/berries, violet florals
  • Brew Method: Any
  • Minimum resting period: Filter 7 days/ espresso 14 days

Weight: 250g / 8.5oz

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