good neighbor COVID-19 dining & store procedures 

Thank you for joining us, we truly appreciate your support. Please keep the following in mind when joining us in our space:

  • We encourage all guests & staff to continue wearing masks, covering their nose & mouth, but do not require it. Masks can be provided at the register. 
  • We are now accepting reusable cups for all drinks. 
  • Our current maximum indoor capacity in the coffee shop is 49 people, plant shop is 6 people.
  • Outdoor dining remains open, weather permitting.
  • Service notes:
    • Please listen for your order name & wait for a staff member to directly hand you your items from the espresso counter. 
    • For indoor seating, dishes, recycling & trash may be disposed of at the station by the exit.  
    • When dining outdoors, be sure to utilize the dish bin & discard all trash accordingly.

good neighbor COVID protocol (as of September 8th, 2022)

For our detailed protocol if a good neighbor teammate is exposed to or confirmed positive with COVID-19 , please refer to the guidelines below:  

  • In the event that a staff member is suspected to have been exposed, said individual will be removed from the schedule & must provide a negative rapid test within 24 hours before returning to work. 
  • If a staff member tests positive, all other employees who worked with said individual within 3 days must provide a negative rapid test within 24 hours before returning to work. 
  • Positive staff members must wait 5 days (from positive test) & provide a negative test or not show symptoms before returning to work, according to CDC guidelines. They will be required to wear a mask until they test negative.
  • If no full opening staff is available due to the suspected exposure testing protocol, good neighbor will close until negative test results return. 
  • All closures & positive results will be communicated to our community on our website & Instagram page.  
  • *guidelines will continue to be monitored & changed based on CDC recommendations
  • As a privately owned & operated business, we reserve the right to continue enforcing these protocols beyond the state & federal laws as we see fit for the safety of our staff & community.

Thank you for understanding as we work hard to provide excellent service while keeping everyone safe.