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stone cube

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Utilitario Mexicano is a partnership of Libia Moreno and Enrique Arellano, dedicated to searching, choosing and selecting Mexican objects: useful and beautiful tool that have traditionally been part of Mexican life. It is an endless search for utensils and objects in danger of extinction that make up a collection of "creole" artifacts, somewhere between the industrial and the artisan. 

Use these cubes for cooling beverages or cocktails/alcohlic drinks 

  • Color: grey
  • Materials:  volcanic stone
  • Care: Always wash using only hot water and a brush. avoid using soap and detergents. Dry with a paper towel before storage. Suitable for stove, oven, and direct fire.  NOT Suitable for the microwave or dishwasher. Always keep inside freezer.
  • First use, preparation, and seasoning 
    • Firmly wash the mortar & pestle inside and outside using a brush or sponge with hot water and soap. Allow to naturally dry out completely.
    • Portion out a small amount of raw white rice and thick salt to get a fine dust. Do it by rotating the utensil onto the base as if you are applying force while kneading bread. Continue rotating until the interior pourous surface of the mortar & pestle is covered.
    • Wash using only water and then leave the stone to dry naturally.

Length: 1.10in / 2.8cm
Width: 1.10in / 2.8cm
Height: 1.10in / 2.8cm

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