• short fino stacking tumbler
  • short fino stacking tumbler

Toyo Sasaki

short fino stacking tumbler

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New from Toyo-Sasaki is the Fino collection of stackable glassware. Made in Japan, this glassware is based on their original award-winning stackable series, the FINO model which means slim in Italian, is much thinner and more refined. However, this glass is anything by dainty: the thin glass is actually many times stronger than traditional glassware as it has undergone a unique technological process to ensure strength and finish. 

The recessed bottom serves to allow for this glass to be neatly stacked upon one another in cupboard or shelf therefore saving space. The ridge also serves as additional grip when held in the hand.  

  • Materials: hard strong glass
  • Care: Dishwasher safe. Do not use it in a microwave.
  • hard strong glass refers to a technology developed and employed for over 50 years by TSG in Japan to craft industry leading glassware. By heating and rapidly cooling the glass surface they have created a strong tempered layer which is more difficult to scratch and highly durable.

Diameter: 3.25in /  8.26 cm
Height: 2.8in /  7.1 cm 
Volume: 10.65fl oz /  315 ml

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