• thin tumbler
  • thin tumbler

Toyo Sasaki

thin tumbler

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Clean shape and thin walls make these glasses a minimalist's dream. "Hard Strong" treatment significantly increases durability for everyday use.

HS stands for "Hard Strong" - and refers to a technology developed and employed for over 50 years by TSG in Japan to craft industry leading glassware. By heating and rapidly cooling the glass surface they have created a strong tempered layer which is more difficult to scratch and highly durable.

  • Materials:  hard strong glass
  • Care: Dishwasher safe. Do not use it in a microwave or for hot drinks. Do not apply direct heat.

Diameter: 3in /  7.62cm
Height: 3in /  7.62cm
Volume: 10.08fl oz /  355ml

Diameter: 3in /7.62cm
Height: 5.6in /  14.2 cm  
Volume: 18fl oz /  560ml

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