• georg rack 60
  • georg rack 60
  • georg rack 60
  • georg rack 60


georg rack 60

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Two short, one long. Georg Rack gets its form by a simple construction of slender, wooden poles – inspired by a warm mix of Nordic sensuality and Japanese minimalism.


  • Color: oak, black
  • Materials:  oak, 100% fsc
  • Care:The wood comes with no finish. If you choose not to treat it with soap or oil, use a suitable cleaning agent for wood.
  • Maintenance: As the wood is untreated it may be affected by grease and colorants. For this reason, we recommend saturating the wood with soap or a suitable furniture oil to make it more resistant. If you wish to use soap or oil, use a suitable product. Be aware that the wood will change colour when applying soap or oil.
  • When using Skagerak's drying racks, do not dry wet laundry directly on the wood as this might discolor the fabric.

Length: 23.62in /  59.99cm
Width: 5.91in /  15.01cm
Height: 2.56in /  6.50cm

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