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Ocelot Chocolate

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Ocelot's chocolate supplier Original Beans works tirelessly to ensure that the cocoa farmers are given the fair trade and resources to enable them to focus on producing healthy, high quality cocoa and that they are able to not only look after their own families, but also protect the environment and communities around them.

In order to produce the beans needed to make chocolate, these farmers nurture the trees, hand pick the cocoa pods, and separate the beans for fermenting. After a carefully controlled fermentation process, the cocoa beans are sun dried to retain their natural qualities. The beans are then hand-peeled, before further processing into nibs, paste, butter and powder. Ocelot currently uses couverture primarily from the organic 'bean-to-bar' producer Original Beans, but they aim to produce chocolate directly from the bean themselves in the very near fututre.

The organic chocolate with a cocoa percentage of 70%, is made from beans which are grown in Virunga National park - Africa's oldest nature reserve, and the home of the last Mountain Gorillas. There, the farmers are actively working to protect the gorillas and this precious habitat, and the beans that are produced reflect this wondrously diverse region, creating a chocolate with the rich and tart flavours of dark fruits, earthy forest floor and smoky tobacco.

Our 50% organic dark milk chocolate is made with rare Amelonado beans grown by an all female cooperative in Eastern Congo.