• koishiwara yaki cup
  • koishiwara yaki cup

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koishiwara yaki cup

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A Yunomi with a beautiful dark hue that is achieved by mixing iron powder with rice straw ash, followed by the distinct chatter marking pattern, bringing a bold appearance to enhance your tea.

Koishiwara Ware was the first pottery designated as a traditional craft in Japan. One of the main characteristics of Koishiwara Ware is using a traditional technique called Tobi-Kanna. This technique uses a metal tool that applies the chatter markings creating a distinctive look that you can only experience with Koishiwara Ware.

  • Color: blach, metallic finish
  • Materials:  clay
  • Care:NOT dishwasher safe, NOT microwave safe

Width: 2.55in /  6.5cm

Height: 2.75in /  7cm
Volume: 3.38oz / 100ml

Width: 2.75in / 7cm
Height: 3.93in /  10cm
Volume: 7.77oz /  230ml

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