Kinto | Workout Bottle
Kinto | Workout Bottle

Kinto | Workout Bottle

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480ml / 16 oz

Care Instructions:
Close the lid and cap tightly, with the silicone rings attached correctly, to prevent spills or leakage when carrying. Keep the product upright  and ensure the cap is tightly closed to prevent accidental spills or leakage.

Lower temperature tolerance: -20℃/-4℉. This is a tumbler for beverage. Do not use in a microwave as it may cause breakage or leakage. When using a dishwasher, please store them in the upper basket to avoid force and weight applied to them.  

Do not use the product with citrus fruit juices as it may deteriorate due to terpene contained in the fruit's skin. Do not pour in boiling water and do not put the product in a freezer as it may cause warp or breakage. Do not leave the product under high temperature such as in a car.

Immediately wash and dry well after use, then store it away. Do not use abrasive cleansers, steel wool and chlorine bleach.