Hiba Wood Candle
Hiba Wood Candle

Hiba Wood Candle

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The Aomori Hiba is native to and is one of the three most elegant tree species in Japan. The other two tree species are the Kiso Hinoki (a species of cypress) and the Akita Sugi (a species of red-cedar).
Enduring the harsh cold wind in Northern Japan, the Aomori Hiba grows slowly within a beautiful environment. In addition to its exquisite bark, the tree is famous for having a strong endurance against corrosion and is an excellent building material. As the Aomori Hiba also has high antibacterial and insect-repelling properties, its timber is also used for building shrines and temples. Historical architectures such as the Chūsonji Konjikidō in Iwate Prefecture, the Hirosaki Castle, the Iwakiyama Jinja Rōmon, and the Osamu Dazai Memorial Museum (also known as the Shayōkan) use this timber to withstand the flow of time and remains until today. In 2013, the Shikinen Sengū at Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture also employed this timber.

Chemical substances, such as the Hinokitiol andβ-Dolabrin included in the Hiba contain antibacterial, insect-repelling, deodorizing, and relaxing effects. There are rarely any tree species on the world which contain these substances. In Japan, these substances are the distinct features found only in the Hiba. Cul de Sac mainly manufactures these woods into timbers for use as building materials, reuse trees which are previously unusable, and puts efforts into creating sustainable environments and products.

Wild Incense + High Functional

Customers often exclaim that smelling the Aomori Hiba’s fragrance is like “sniffing the air in the forests.” The fragrance coming from the Aomori Hiba brings its admirers into the deep woods, impacts the five senses, and awaken anyone’s instincts. At Cul de Sac, we aim to expand the possibilities given by the relaxation effects from natural materials and to bring products with excellent usability to the market.

In addition, we also put stress on sustainability in each process of our product manufacturing.
Without wasting, we will bring out the full potentials in the Hiba, a material used since ancient times, and bring products which match the contemporary lifestyle to the hands of our customers.

These Hiba Oil Candles are surrounded by Hiba wood twigs. You can hear the crackling of the wood as the candle burns.Place the candle on a dish to prevent leaks. Do not use candle if windy to prevent burning the surrounding Hiba wood twigs.