• head & heart tea blend
  • head & heart tea blend

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head & heart tea blend

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Juniper Culinary Apothecary seeks to expand the accessibility of food wellness movements and honor earth-based herbs through our products.  At Juniper, we seek to integrate herbalism into our everyday meals in an effort to encourage more focus on the connection between mind, body, and heart. Our ethically-sourced ingredients intend to soothe the overwhelmed and restore vitality through superfood spices, herbal tisanes, and beverage blends!

  • Material: 4 oz gold tin with plastic safety seal
  • Ingredients: organic chamomile, lemon balm, organic skullcap, passion flower leaf & stem, organic mint, organic ginger root
  • servings: 8 to 10 cups per tin
  • vegan & gluten-free
  • end of life: recycle tin, trash plastic safety seal, compost any remaining tea
  • Head & Heart works well for soothing a migraine, or supporting a broken heart. Mint and ginger have been shown to relieve the pain of a headache, while chamomile, lemon balm and skullcap calm and support you. Head & Heart caffeine-free herbal tea blend has a mild, sweet flavor and a buttery aroma.

Height: 1.25in  /  3.18cm
Width: 3.25in / 8.25cm
Weight: 1.2oz / 34g

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