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Brooklyln Delhi makes delicious condiments and sauces inspired by Indian culinary traditions. Brooklyn Delhi recipes were developed by chef and cookbook author Chitra Agrawal. Their first line of products launched in 2014 and focused on an Indian pantry staple called achaar, sometimes referred to as Indian pickle.

Usually achaar is really spicy and really salty, which means you don’t eat a lot of it, but the Brooklyn Delhi recipe highlights the flavor of the vegetables and fruits and aromatic spices (that are also very healthy!), along with the chilies so it’s not all about burning your tongue off and raising your blood pressure

Achaar (pronounced ah-char; 'pickled' in Hindi) is a flavor-packed condiment made from vegetables & fruits, aromatic spices and chili peppers - think of it as India’s equivalent to Sriracha but with a more complex flavor and without all the sugar. Add a little bit to whatever you’re eating to give it a spicy, sour, sweet and savory kick!

Traditionally, achaar is eaten with rice, dal, curry or yogurt, but our recipe is super versatile and also pairs well on sandwiches, burgers, eggs, mixed into bowls, soups or noodles, with cheese & crackers,and you can also use it to finish dishes - add a few spoons to punch up your pasta sauce, lentils or shakshuka. Check out these fun recipes!

  • Flavors: tomato achaar, roasted garlic achaar, sweet mango chutney, curry mustard, guntur sannam hot sauce, and curry ketchup. 
  • Ingredients: handcrafted in small batches in New York 
  • Containers: glass packaging  

Jar Volume: 9oz / 255g
Hot Sauce Bottle Volume: 5oz / 141g
Curry Ketchup Bottle Volume: 14oz / 397g

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