• 6" brushstrokes planter
  • 6" brushstrokes planter
  • 6" brushstrokes planter

personal best

6" brushstrokes planter

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Whitney Simpkins began selling ceramics in 2016 as a way to part with all the extra cups and bowls that hadn't been given away to friends.  Years later, Personal Best Ceramics evolved into a bit more than cups and bowls, and her ceramics have found their way to many, many new friends.

  • Stoneware is a type of ceramic fired at a high temperature, rendering it non-porous and durable. When it is covered in glaze, a glass coating forms, making it even more suitable to eat and drink from.
  • Wheel thrown stoneware planter with drainage hole, finished with a matte charcoal glaze.  Pamper the plants in your life.

Height: 6in / 15.24cm
Diameter 6in / 15/24cm

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