• architecture in india: since 1990

Hatje Cantz

architecture in india: since 1990

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Pluralism, fusion and hybridity are the dominant traits of cultural change in twenty-first-century India. The resultant architecture reflects this fabric of one of the world’s largest and most populous nation states. Architect, educator and author Rahul Mehrotra has been at the forefront of the Indian contemporary architecture scene for more than two decades, and Architecture in India is his unique take on the topic across four themed chapters: “Global Practice: Expression of (Impatient) Capital”; “Regional Modernism”; “Alternative Practice: Towards Sustainability”; and “Counter Modernism: Resurfacing of the Ancient.” Each chapter introduces exponents of these distinct genres of architectural expression, examining the work of more than 60 contemporary architects in more than 500 photographs. Architects, students, academics, architecture buffs and admirers of India’s famed heritage of architectural pioneering will find this volume a rich trove of design ideas.